Is there No Mercy written by Janice Bad Moccasin

Is there no mercy on this earth, is there no mercy on the bodily soul,

humbly on knees, kissing the ground in desperacy, tears of blood and sweat, 

thunder breaks her earth sky wide open to invoke the rudely awakeness,

the thunder being embedded in soul.

sweet rains crying due to her beautifully broken, where no human dare to wander far out in the beyond nature,


Her broken bird soul loved another bird soul over greatly

only to be kissed away with nothing but sweet sorryness

 in the depths of falling only for sweet revenge and bitterness to laugh at the betrayed, 

emotional deaths over and over,

Every precious moment of fiber speaking pain through all the canals of blood, and being of hopelessness. 

Voices of the pain have no breath, fired earth bodily pangs fiercely biting for escape, only to be set free.


her red earth love tongues the soul wound, biting in return from within with desperate need only to bleed the out the blue truth, 

of no return, unknown and unfound lost love remain as her body of lie, the sacred revealed to all the nothingness.


Is there no mercy for the sweet pain to flow, hanging on for dear life through the proud flesh broken,

 lovely nature of woman boldly holding the arm up to the two mirrors of fear. 

Singing broken spirit song throwing stars high skies, red earth, the unveiled shield rebirths through the proud flesh on two spirit, the arms of shields, eagle shield armor uplifts the broken wings. The greatest love of pains breathing, reviving, forgiving, re-awakening to the unseen goddess gently kissed her dream to live, to life, revived song of the over greatness of feeling loved again, rebirth, unfolding from inside out, as nature blesses the rebirthed wing of the broken soul woman. She kissed her pain as if it were the humble language of the body.

She put tobacco on her dance, red paint on face, feather of stepping stone taps on the earth, the blue truth is plunging from under depths of nothingness, broken lies crumbling back to the forgiven stones, the ceremonial dance prays on her soul, only to revive her own truth choking out her own greatness. Now she the two bird unbroken souls set free with talons unlock to ride the winds on earth

as there was no mercy.

Broken bird soul walks up the sky stairs,

soaring through the villages of the broken ones left behind, she cradles the lost loves left behind in her wings, uplifting back to the skies in honor, broken soul love, dancing with the heartful break, flies free with nothing but honor, counting coup on her lost love through forgiveness, the most powerful gift there is on heaven and earth, forgiveness….fore there is no mercy.